Rental Policy


The KWSH is available for rent to the public regardless of race, creed, or national origin. it may be  reserved up to 13 months in advance of the rental date.  A contract is sent to the Lessee and must be returned with payment prior to rental.

The KWSH board established the rates for rentals.    Contracts are required for all rentals.  All users who intend to serve alcohol on the premises must pay the full alcohol rental rate.

General Policies

  1. Failure to comply with these policies may result in loss of some or all of the deposit.
  2. The individual to whom a permit is issued will be held responsible for damages to the property resulting  from its use and is expected to report damages to KWSH.
  3. Damage to or destruction of any facilities or grounds will result in a charge to cover the cost of repair.
  4. Any youth gathering must be chaperoned by parents or guardians.  Recommended ratio is ten to one.
  5. No excessively loud music or disorderly conduct is permitted.
  6. KWSH Is not responsible for any items left on the premises by members of your group.
  7. All debris and recycling should be placed in the waste receptacles provided.  Excessive amounts of trash or recycling shall be removed by the lesee.
  8. All furniture shall be returned to original location and condition unless otherwise agreed.
  9. All kitchen counters, sinks and other items shall be cleaned to condition you found them.
  10. Cancellations should be made a minimum of thirty days in advance; the issued permit should then be returned to KWSH.
  11. No Alcohol shall be brought on premises without prior consent with KSWH.
  12. No Alcohol or open containers shall be consumed on Front porch, stairs or sidewalk.
  13. Any special requests not covered should be addressed to the Board in a letter three months prior to the requested date.
  14. No reservations will be made for New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving break, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day unless special considerations are made by the board.
  15. There is no access to the second floor or lower level as part of your use.  Please respect the privacy and peace of other users.
  16.  No dishes, utensils, coffee pots, etc. are furnished.
  17. Decorations may only be put up with tape; no staples or tacks are allowed.  All decorations, including tape, must be removed before leaving.
  18. The house will be open at your rental time ,  If you have rented it early enough to decorate it and wish to come back later, it cannot be locked and later unlocked.  Keys are not provided.  If you leave the house prior to the time of your gathering, you must leave it unlocked.
  19. Furniture is to remain inside without express permission.
  20. No Smoking at Any Time.


kent wells sherman house rental form

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The Kent Wells Sherman House gives exclusive use of its premises to




From Times


For a Fee of:


To (Group Name)


Under the supervision of:


Name, Address, Phone and Email


Approved by


Copy this form


I, the undersigned, understand that I am responsible for the actions of any guests and invitees who may be a part of the function that is sponsored by me or my organization.

I have read, understand, and agree to the above stated policies


Please read the following rules and regulations prior to your rental and bring this sheet with you on your rental date.   THANKS and enjoy your use of this special facility


For assistance please contact one of the following


Rick Hawksley 330.715.2354

Ann Ward 330.285.0899

Allan Orashan 330.957.1727

Roger Thurman 330.554.6909